Application of PVC plastic products

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Application of PVC plastic products

The film is mainly used for agricultural straightening, greenhouses, and packaging of food and various industrial products.

Pretend to wait. ② The pipe, sheet and profile are widely used in the construction industry. Such as doors and windows, up and down

Water pipes, waterproof corrugated boards, protective wall boards, roof panels, foam plastic insulation boards; agricultural irrigation and drainage pipes; chemical infusion pipes and various tanks.

③ Hollow products are mainly used for the packaging of beverages, cosmetics, detergents and chemical supplies, such as bottles, buckets and tanks.

④PVC hose is used as the insulation layer and sheath of wires and cables, or it can be directly extruded with PVC to cover wires.

⑤Injected parts such as shoes, pipe fittings, basins, boxes and other products are indispensable daily necessities in people's lives; there are also medical containers; industrial supplies such as hand wheels and pipe fittings; automotive instrument panels, plates, covers and body linings ; Anti-corrosion tanks, ventilation exhaust pipes, reactors and acid, broken tanks, etc. used in chemical industry

4. Polyvinyl chloride production plant and product performance

The main domestic PVC resin production plants are: Sinopec Qilu Co., Ltd. Chlor-Alkali Plant, the resin grades produced by suspension polymerization are S-700, S-800, S900

s1000, S-1200, S-12001, S1300; Shanghai Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd.,

The resin grade produced by the suspension polymerization method is WS700WS1300, and the PVC grades produced by the hybrid method are WP55GP, WP62GP, WP68GP, WP74GPWP85GP, WP68HC, WP74HC, WP8OHC, WP62SF, WP67SF, Shanghai Tianyuan Chemical Plant and Tianjin Chemical Plant. The resin grades produced are

P-440, P-415, R-1069, P-450, P-455, P-460, P-510, P-550;

Beijing Chemical Co., Ltd., Jinhua Chemical (Group) Co., Ltd. and Fuzhou Chemical Plant No. 2 have PVC resin grades K-57 and K-59 produced by suspension polymerization.

K-61, K-63, K-65, K-67, K-69, K-70, K72, K-74; For the properties of high relative molecular weight polyvinyl chloride (HPVC) produced by Harbin Huaer Chemical Co., Ltd., see Table 1-27; Properties of vinyl chloride vinylidene chloride copolymer emulsion (PVDC) resin produced by Shanghai Tianyuan Chemical Plant are shown in Table 1-28; Beijing Chemical Second Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tianyuan Chemical Plant, Hubei Yichang Chemical Plant, and Jinjin Production of Huahua Group (Group) Co., Ltd.



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